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Bedroom : 1
The Tiffany has been designed to achieve an extremely quick, easy and affordable build.

This stylish multi-purpose building is suitable as a granny flat for elderly family members, a caravan/holiday park cabin or even a portable office.
The Tiffany can be assembled to lock up stage in 1 Week from delivery!
Veranda Kit Roof Kit

Standard Inclusions


  • Electronic set of building plans.
  • Structural engineering certification.
  • Working drawings.
  • Energy Certification & BASIX.
  • Structural footing certification.
  • Weather tightness certification.

Exterior Structure

  • 50mm Colorbond Insulated Wall Panels.
  • PU External Wall Cladding.
  • 50mm Colorbond Insulated Roof Panels – Corrugated Iron.
  • Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Windows.
  • Aluminium Double Glazed sliding Door.
  • Colorbond Facia, Gutters & Roof Capping.
  • Choice of External Cladding Finishes – POA

Internal Structure

  • All Steel Wall Framing and Galvanised Sub Flooring.
  • Internal Wall Frames – light steel.
  • Hardware self tapping screws, bolts & Silicon sealers)

Structural Flooring

  • C-Section Sub Floor Galvanised Steel.
  • 19mm Yellow Tongue Flooring.

Lock Up Kit Only

  • The Tiffany Kit Home/Granny Flat has been designed as a lock up kit only.
  • One week to lock up stage from delivery!.
  • Structure allows for any internal floor plan configuration.

Exclusions - Electrical

  • We have found it more cost effective and efficient for our customers to engage directly with an electrician or builder.
  • Please consult your local A-Grade electrician for your electrical requirements or your builder if you are having your house professionally assembled.
  • We do have a data base of qualified electricians and builders should you require their services.

Budget Planner

    Prefabricated Kit Homes and Granny Flats are no doubt one of the most cost effective ways to build your kit home or granny flat.

    Our designs have been engineered for easy assembly allowing owner builders to make further substantial savings.

    Like any building project there are a number of additional items you will need to budget for.

    While the following list is a guide only we have found it to be a close estimate for the majority of times.

    Individual factors relating to the site, its location, demand on builder services in your area all will have a bearing on the final outcome.

Budget Considerations

  • Cost of Kit Home/Granny Flat
  • Delivery costs form your nearest capital city, allow $750/100kms
  • If using a builder to assemble your kit
    home/granny flat, then roughly allow the same cost of the kit home for the cost of assembly
  • Fixture, fittings and appliances
  • Permits and approvals
  • Connection to services
  • It’s also a good idea to have a small contingency fund set aside to cater for the unexpected

Safety Rating

BAL Rating

  • BAL - 12.5.
  • BAL – 19.
  • BAL – 29.
  • BAL – 40.

Cyclone Rating

  • C1
  • C2

All of our Homes and Studios are certified to Australian and New Zealand Standards.
If your house or studio design needs to meet other local safety requirements, please contact us.


Please allow 6-8 weeks from order to delivery.

We can arrange delivery to anywhere in Australia!



As an ‘Owner Builder,’ you could save money and time by completing the build yourself with the assistance of another person. You could expect to have your house to lockup within 7 days.

Professionally Assembled

You could engage a registered builder to complete the build for you. If you require assistance, Instant Home Solutions has a database of qualified builders across Australia who you could choose from to engage directly to build your house.

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