It depends on your council or shire, your location, and building use. Contact your local council or shire, speak to the ‘building permit applications’ department and ask what you can or can’t do at the proposed location.

If you feel that your questions haven’t been answered, we recommend contacting a local Independent building surveyor. They can issue a building permit on behalf of the local council or shire and will certainly be able to help in regards to the process.

If you are still having issues getting the required information, please contact Instant Home Solutions with your questions, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

It is entirely your choice should you apply for a building permit. Every council and shire is different in their approach to kit homes and portable relocatable buildings.

A building permit provides clarification into many different aspects of building structures such as building engineering, footing engineering (soil samples) placement, bushfire attack levels, and environmental impacts.

Our kit homes and building structures are engineer certified regardless of the customer’s request. We can only provide a guarantee of our portables houses and kit homes in accordance with a building permit.

Yes, all of our portable homes are rated from BAL 26 - 42, depending on the building materials you would like us to use.
Yes, all of our portable homes, granny flats and kit homes are engineer certified to Australian standards.
Once you have decided on your home and completed your due diligence, a purchase contract will be completed between yourself and Instant Home Solutions.

You will be required to make an initial payment of $5,000 for the required documents needed for a building or planning permit.

You will receive elevations, 3 sets of plans, engineered drawings, and energy certification; all certified for council submission.

After all the required permits have been received, 50% of the remaining contract balance will need to be paid before we can commence the manufacturing process. The remaining balance of the contract is to be paid before delivery.

If your house does not require any customisation, we can deliver your new kit home to you in 4 weeks. Otherwise, please allow 8 weeks for delivery of customised portable homes.
Yes, of course, we can! We deliver to all locations in Australia.

We have depots in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We deliver to all regional areas including regional outback Australia.

Delivery is usually from your closest capital city. On average, delivery is around $750 per 100kms via road transport. Prices can vary, depending on your location and if you require special lifting equipment at your site.
The exempt development code states that the development must not be ‘habitable’. This means that it cannot be used as a granny flat or secondary dwelling.
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