Cape Cod 2 Bedroom Kit Home

Cape Cod Kit Homes Proving Popular

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Instant Home Solutions releases 2 new designs in it’s Cape Cod range.

In keeping with our popular 1 bedroom Cape Cod we have designed a complimentary 2 and 3 bedroom range.

Inspired by the feedback we are getting from people who love the charm and simple elegance of our 1 bedroom design we felt the need to release a 2 and 3 bedroom version.

These options now allow small to medium sized families to take full advantage of smaller blocks of land or backyards for that matter and still achieve the level of desired living space.

The new kit homes have been designed and engineered for easy assembly allowing owner builders to make further significant savings on their build.

For more information download a pdf information brochure including pricing or speak to one of our friendly staff members on 1300 818 151.

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Cape Cod Cottages – Heathcote

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Deb and Siaki located at Heathcote near Bendigo, have built one of our Cape Cottages as owner builder. I visited them to see how they were progressing as they neared lockup. If you would like to visit Deb and Siaki and talk with them about their story and building their new kit home give us a call 1300 818 151.

We will be doing an open day with Deb and Siaki Late December early January. Keep an eye on socials for details.



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