Cape Cod 2 Bedroom Kit Home

Cape Cod Kit Homes Proving Popular

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Instant Home Solutions releases 2 new designs in it’s Cape Cod range.

In keeping with our popular 1 bedroom Cape Cod we have designed a complimentary 2 and 3 bedroom range.

Inspired by the feedback we are getting from people who love the charm and simple elegance of our 1 bedroom design we felt the need to release a 2 and 3 bedroom version.

These options now allow small to medium sized families to take full advantage of smaller blocks of land or backyards for that matter and still achieve the level of desired living space.

The new kit homes have been designed and engineered for easy assembly allowing owner builders to make further significant savings on their build.

For more information download a pdf information brochure including pricing or speak to one of our friendly staff members on 1300 818 151.

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Ikea lounge room

Ikea Space Saving Indoor Ideas

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If your thinking about getting a small kit home or granny flat and are concerned about the size well then your in for a real surprise.

The clever people at Ikea have come up with in store tiny house floor plans with selected furniture to match. In doing so your able to walk through and get a good feel of the space and see what can achieved. From smart wardrobe space to great kitchen ideas there is space to be saved everywhere.

Do you think it’s possible for a family of 4 to live in a 30sqm house, well think again. This video will get you going.

With more and more people choosing to live is smaller houses this just makes sense. If you see a floor plan that you love just remember we can customise our designs to suite your needs.

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Kingston Kit Home display in Lowood Queensland.

Kingston Kit Home Display Queensland

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We are excited to let everyone know that our new Kingston Kit Home display is well underway.

Located in Lowood, Queensland in a new subdivision the display will allow those people in the region and from afar for that matter to come along and see the home completed.

The Kingston is our 4 bedroom kit home that provides all that you want in a large home.

If you are from another state and would like to take a walk through our display please contact our sales team and they will advise you on the offer we have to fly you up there.

We will keep you posted on the progress!

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Number of Granny Flats built in Australia in 2018.

Granny Flats Australia

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Australia’s love affair with Granny Flats continues to grow.
The Housing Industry Association has released the number of Granny Flats built in 2018 with New South Wales topping the leaders board with over 6,000 being built. In comparison to Victoria which had less than 200 built for the year which means they came in last.

The difference is largely due to New South Wales more flexible regulations allowing Granny Flats to be rented out to unrelated parties. Where as Victoria’s regulations are somewhat more strict only allowing dependents from the main dwelling to occupy the building. It’s only a matter of time before Victoria follows New South Wales lead in easing regulations as housing affordability becomes a significant driver.

Granny Flats Australia wide will continue to play an important role within the housing industry design, versatility and flexibility offering older and younger generations affordable independence.
Investors are also seizing on the opportunity to increase their returns on their investments by generating additional income with the addition of Granny Flats.

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The Southport Garden Studio

Garden Studio Display

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For all those who would like to see our Garden Studio we have a display at our warehouse in Thornbury.
Come in and get a really good sense of the space these Studios offer.
As we have mentioned before these Studios are just under 10sqm which means you don”t normally need a building permit to put one up in your backyard but we always suggest it maybe worthwhile to give your local council a call to confirm.
These Studios are ideal for a number of uses from offices, recreation room, art room even an outdoor kitchen.
Assembly can be completed in a day and can be put on a concrete base on footings.
If you would like to know more please come in or give us a call.

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